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A Posting and Toasting NYC Meet-Up!

Hey, accomplices. I'll keep this quick, but we're planning to have a P&T game-watching get-together next Friday (November 5th) at this delightful East Village Bar. There, we can meet each other, have some dranks 'n' snacks, and watch our New York Knicks face off against the Washington Wizards. It'll be like an IRL game thread, guys!

If this sounds like something you'd like to attend, pitch me an email with the subject line "Dolphin Nipples" identifying yourself and how many there would be in your party. This is just so we can get a sense of how much turnout we'll get, and also so I can get a bunch of emails with the subject line "Dolphin Nipples".

If you're in the area, we'd love to have a beer with you and tenderly massage your scalp. I can't confirm anything, but the word on the street is that real live appearances from Gian Casimiro and Charlie Osborn might be in the cards. There's also been some talk of a separate meet-up (or perhaps a second wave) for those Posters and Toasters who are actually attending Friday's game. Y'all are welcome to use P&T to curate something like that as well.

Big thanks to our friend UK Knick for orchestrating this entire thing. I'm looking forward to meeting/fondling a few of you in person!