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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Armani Jeans Milano- 10/3/10

BASKETBALL! BASKETBALL!!!1111 Sure, it doesn't count and sure, it's not even against an NBA team, but today marks the end of the 2010 summer saga and the beginning of the 2010-2011 Knicks season. Today, there will be organized basketball between two teams with referees, a scoreboard, crisp new jerseys, and, most importantly, a halftime snack thread (and you know I'm going big for this one).

If you're new to P&T, this is a game thread. During the game, we'll all congregate here and comment along on the action. As always, remember to be thoughtful and respectful of other commenters and keep it light.

The action tips off at 12:30 on MSG. Be here.

Oh yeah, and here's the Milano roster. You'll recognize a name or three.