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7SoM: Webisode 25, Knicks vs AJ Milano

Since we can't get enough of preseason basketball, the latest installment of 7 Seconds or Mess looks at the "new" Knicks offense which, shockingly, is centered (power forwarded?) around Amar'e Stoudemire.

Again, you can't take much of anything away from a single preseason game, but now we know that this is once again a go-to halfcourt set for D'Antoni. Before the play would usually result in Chris Duhon resetting the offense for a pick and roll with David Lee rather than attacking off the curl. What's great this time around is that it puts Amar'e in a position to do damage, sometimes with a head of steam toward the basket. Look out for it in today's game.

If you're curious about how the old play used to look, I have an example of it in an older video, but then you'd remind yourself of last year's team. If you're game, old and busted, new hotness.