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Wilson Chandler will not receive a contract extension.

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Tonight marks the deadline for extensions on contracts for '07 draft picks, including our very own Wilson Chandler. Chandler, who has put up splendid numbers off the bench to kick off his fourth season, will not receive such an extension from the Knicks and will become a restricted free agent in July. Via Marc Berman of the NY Post, we are assured that Wil's deferred payday is through no fault of his own:

"We will wait until the year is over," Walsh told The Post. "It has nothing to do with Wilson. We want him. It has to do with the fact that there will be a new collective bargaining agreement and we are not sure what impact it would have."

Remember that Wil's restricted status will give the Knicks the right to match any offer he receives this summer. It should also be noted that Walsh isn't alone in making his decision in light of the upcoming CBA negotiation. Other '07 picks like Brandan Wright, Rodney Stuckey and Greg Oden will also be deferred, while the agents for Jared Dudley and Al Horford are negotiating right up to the deadline. In these uncertain times (I love saying that), extensions are no longer par for the course. Therefore, I wouldn't read too much into the Chandler decision or take it as a slight. It's just something to keep in mind when the trade deadline approaches and once the season ends.