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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Warriors- 11/10/10

Evening, geoducks. The Knicks have lost two straight and David Lee is back in town. Ergo, MSG will be fraught with emotion this evening. A win against the Warriors would be really, really super for the spirits of the Knicks and their fickle fanbase.

Ronny Turiaf, by the way, will not play tonight.

For now, I've gotta go finish these nachos and head to class. Hopefully, I'll be back in time for a 7:30 tip-off. In the meantime, re-read Gian's piece on D-Lee, check out Golden State of Mind, and have a pleasant evening.

Update: You probably already know what it is, but Jonathan Abrams twat this:

starting Wilson Chandler at the four and Amar'e at the five against GSW. Mozgov to the bench.