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Knicks Twitter Haruspicy- 11/12/10

This is the third and final installment of a three-part series sponsored by Samsung. Your reward for putting up with these posts will be a TV giveaway in the near future. -Seth

Y'all already know what it is, but just to recap, the theme of these Samsung-sponsored posts is "Enhance Your Experience". The idea is to look at how technology supplements the age-old experience of watching Knicks basketball. Here at P&T, we've been dissecting the Knicks' tweets in order to better understand and predict their on-court performance. Here. We. Go.

Landry Fields has quietly hustled his way into our hearts' deepest atria, but we've got reason to expect a different Landry tonight against the Timberwolves. Landry (@landryfields) twat the following this afternoon:

Call of Duty: Blacks Ops is waiting for me at my door step. Until then, it's nothing but business tonight!

Now, I've played very little Call of Duty in my life. While my friends played live COD in high school, I'd just grab the headset and tell other gamers that I was Jay Cutler. I don't know why I did that, but that's not really the point. The point is that, even though I'm not attached to this particular video game, I know what it's like to be occupied while all you really want to do is get home and enjoy a recently purchased item. I spent entire weeks in fifth grade tapping my feet and banging my head on my desk while I awaited the final bell and its invitation for me to run home and play Tekken 3. Also, we bombed Kosovo that year, but I digress. My point is this: For better or worse, Landry Fields will be in a rush to end tonight's game because he desperately wants to get on that plane and depart Minneapolis for his home and the thrilling animated war violence therein. If the game is tied in the closing minutes and the Knicks have the ball with a chance to win? Put Landry in and get him the rock. The man can't possibly sit through an overtime in his condition. He'll nail the game-winner then sprint out the door to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, stripping off his uniform as he runs.

Our final subject for Twitter haruspicy is Ronny Turiaf Ronny Turiaf's beard. That's right, snitches. Ronny Turiaf's beard has its own Twitter account. It's also predicting a win, y'all:

We going to get this W tonight!!! I can feel it on the hairs of my chinny chin chin! Let's gooooooo

The Knicks are going to beat Minnesota tonight. No further comment.

Tipoff's at 8. Look for a game thread a little bit before then. <3.