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Game Thread: Knicks at Timberwolves- 11/12/10

What's up studio gangsters? Yes, I just shamelessly ripped off the way Seth opens up columns. Why? I don't want any of you guys to go into shock from lack of Rosenthal. Why else? I'm unoriginal.

The Knicks are on the road tonight in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to face the likes of Kevin Love<3, Darko Milicic, Charlie Conway, Adam Banks and Jesse Hall. The Wolves are bringing a 2-7 record and a league-worst negative-12.9 point differential to the table, while the Knicks look to bounce back from a couple of rough losses.

Tip off's at 8. Come by and comment your little hearts out (or, in the case of Ronny Turiaf, Simon Birch, The Grinch or John Q's son, your big hearts out). Stop by Canis Hoopus for some great T-Wolves coverage and David Kahn bashing.

Let's get this win.