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Update: Knicks-Magic Cancelled. Madison Square Garden does not currently have a basketball court.

Update: (2:56 PM): Your Tuesday night just opened up:

Knicks now confirming: Game canceled due to issues with floor. Asbestos fell from ceiling during cleaning. Game will be rescheduled.

Since the Knicks have a back-to-back Thursday and Friday and another game Sunday, I'd imagine that this one won't take place for kind of a while.

Update (2:49 PM): Alan Hahn just twat:

Hearing the Knicks-Magic game at MSG will be cancelled. Not official yet. Building-related issue may not be entirely about playing surface.


Tommy Dee (to my knowledge), reported this first, and then Twitter friend "jdangelo4404" passed along this report:

Sun Sports sources working tonight's Magic vs. Knicks telecast at Madison Square Garden are reporting that there is an unknown issue preventing the Garden's basketball floor from being put in place for tonight's game.

Currently, the ice from last night's Rangers-Blackhawks game is still down, and we are awaiting word on whether this will impact tonight's game.

I assume they'll have this fixed by game time, since, you know, there are like 20,000 people counting on the floor not being all soupy at 7:30. Besides that Heat-Magic incident in preseason, is there precedent for this?

Update: Photo evidence. Note the unfortunate ice-to-not-ice ratio.