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7SoM: Fast BreakDown 6, Knicks vs Bobcats

In 7SoM: Fast BreakDown 6, I look at the ever improving secondary break the Knicks rely so much on to score.

The Knicks built their lead tonight through plays like this and maintained it through the Bobcats' own follies, missing shot after shot inside. That and the 'Cats constantly stepping out of bounds. The Knicks let the lead dwindle late, as expected, and even let the Bobcats take it for a brief time in the fourth but Amar'e Stoudemire made sure they wouldn't bring that noise again.

Rest your tired hearts cause this team isn't very gentle with it late in games. But a five game win streak and .500 record? Smells like clean sheets to me.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and join us tomorrow to tell us what you're thankful for.