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Monday Culpeos

Good afternoon, discmen and discwomen. I hope you're all having pleasant transitions back into real life after a weekend of delirious gorging. To ease you back into the work week, here are some links.


You're gonna have to jump for them.

- The culpeo is a big, guilty, fox-like doggy that roams around South America eating critters. There is also a weird, extinct, domesticated type of culpeo that's pretty interesting.

- Our friends at Knickerblogger are hosting a "Top 25 Favorite Knicks of the Modern Era" vote. They're looking for favorites, not All-Stars, so I demand that you all go vote for Jackie Butler.

- Meanwhile, our friends at Knicks Vision just unveiled a new site design, and it looks pretty spiffy. Not sure why it's all blue and orange, though.

- This is days old, but the wise John Schuhmann shows us how the Knicks' winning ways have been the product of improved offense.

- Danilo Gallinari:

"It was a tough call, but the first thing is I let him go left and let him do what he's doing best," Gallinari said. "I have to play better defense."

- I am really, really, really depressed that the FreeDarko event at The Strand didn't happen while I was home for Thanksgiving. It's tomorrow, Will Leitch is moderating, and I highly recommend that you find a way to attend if you're in the area. Here's Will's take on the book and the event page for the discussion.

- The folks at Nets Daily weren't particularly impressed with MSG's TV ads for the Knicks-Nets game on Tuesday. I have to agree. I've found the commercials for upcoming ads to be smug, needlessly haughty, and kind of embarrassing.

- I feel bad for sorta dismissing Anthony Randolph's stint in yesterday's recap. Thankfully, Tommy Dee took a closer look at AR's minutes.

- You might get a little dizzy reading this, but Steve Adamek's point is sound: Winning games against beatable teams is very, very, very important.

- Finally, this is a sweet, sweet line by Josh Alper:

A year ago, wins were treated like stumbling across animals that were thought to be on the brink of extinction. You didn't nitpick the way they smelled or the fact that there really isn't anything particularly impressive about the song of the green-backed whipporwhill, you just appreciated their existence and hoped that you'd come across more of them in the future.

True. Have splendid afternoons, friends.