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What are the Knicks to do with Derrick Rose and John Wall?

I have to go take an exam then hop in my car and head home so I can meet y'all on Friday, but I'll leave you with this discussion topic: After getting beaten badly by Rajon Rondo and Andre Miller in their last two losses, how are the Knicks supposed to cope with two of the speediest, most potent point guards in the NBA? The Knicks face Derrick Rose and his Bulls tonight, then head home on Friday to face John Wall and some Wizards. We've seen D'Antoni dabble with Landry Fields or some other wing sagging off the opposing point, and I'd expect to see something like that in each of the next two games. These guys are deadliest, though, when they're knifing toward the rim or flying in the open court. What can the Knicks do? (I don't mean to imply that these guys warrant identical defensive strategies, but I think we can all agree that they have a lot in common.)

The short answer: asbestos. The real answer: I have no idea.

Here's a little reading material to get you thinking. Have at it and I'll see you at tip-off tonight. (Not in person just yet, but still...)