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Tuesday Leopard Seals


Source: Wiki

Good afternoon, poo-butts. I hope everybody's having a splendid Tuesday. Treat yourself to an after lunch snack if you haven't already. You deserve it.

Before the Knicks face off against the Bucks tonight, let there be links.

- According to Wikipedia, leopard seals have been known to "play" with penguins. They've also been known to "eat" penguins, so if you're a penguin, please approach with caution.

- With David Lee returning to the Garden on Wednesday, all the newspapers are abuzz with what was and what could have been. Here's an example. Here's another.

- Coach Nick's breakdown of Knicks-Sixers covers a lot, but what got me most were a few instances in which Raymond Felton (and Toney Douglas, on that one ducked screen) played terrible, terrible defense against the Sixers backcourt. The team-wide lethargy down the stretch is evident in the replay, but particularly in Felton's case.

- This doesn't mention the Knicks at all, but Joey Litman's illustration of point guard attack mechanisms at FreeDarko is artful and brilliant. (You could make a pretty funny one of these for Chris Duhon). By the way, I'm nearly done with the new FD book and will be reviewing it soon.

My SBN friends labeled the Knicks a "bad team", which is good for...sixth-best in the Eastern Conference. Hooray for mediocre competition!

- Tommy Dee on the finer points of the Knicks' pick-and-roll. The timing, positioning, and degree of actual contact are all things to look out for when the Knicks are running (what should be) their bread-and-butter play.

- I love The Onion. (Pretty sure I found that because Howard Beck twat it.)

- We close with the most interesting tidbit of the day. Steve Adamek twat it:

Amar'e also living in "one of" David Lee's apartments in WPlains, so Lee's his landlord. No calls betw, the 2 about bathroom issues, though

David Lee is Amar'e Stoudemire's landlord. I don't know what to do with this information.

- Update: Late addition: Stoudemire is still haunted by the foul that preceded Andrew Bogut's grisly injury last season.

Tipoff's at 8! There will be a game thread up before then. Finish your school/work/lazy day with a bang, and get ready to tangle with the Bucks.