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Tuesday Maras


Good afternoon, young hoppers. The Knicks have another day to practice in preparation for their match-up with the Celtics. While we wait, let's check the links.

Now jump.

- Maras are a species of cavy found in Patagonia and other parts of South America. Their appearance is best described as "guinea pigdog".

- Some quick Carmelo Anthony stuff from SB Nation: Mike Prada on why Melo might not fit and Tom Ziller on why Melo might not even be such a sure thing.

- This was already linked in the Fanshots by "Polyphonic Sprewell", but if the question is "Just How Good Is Landry Fields?, the answer is "very". If the question is "just how Landry is Landry Fields?", the answer is "yes".

- Jonathan Abrams of the Times dissects the post-separation numbers of both Amar'e Stoudemire and Steve Nash.

- KenPaDre has an interesting solution to the Knicks' backcourt hole.

- The Knicks were asked who the best comedian on the team is. Two front-runners emerged, with one especially bully Knick emerging victorious.

- Tomorrow's game marks only the fifth time since '93 that two teams with 8+ game winning streaks have battled. Oddly enough, home teams haven't fared well.

- Amar'e Stoudemire's dominance during the eight crazy nights of Hannukah would be easier to laugh off if the rest of the league's Jews weren't also taking part. (Thanks to Gianny Cash for that one.)

- Mike D'Antoni is smilin'. The Pringles man, meanwhile, still lacks a mouth.

- According to the Knicks, Eddy Curry did not practice today because he has a cold. Do what you will with that information.

- My friend Jay King told me that Shaq might not play for the Celtics tomorrow.

- The Knicks' recent winning streak has been unlikely, but not the unlikeliest.

That's all for now. Have splendid days and be careful where you step. The earth is covered in ice and animal poop.