Our Backup PG?

Clearly from the games the Knicks have played so far its easy to see they need a backup to Felton to spell him for 5-10 minutes a night. I was watching a Rockets game and saw Ish Smith playing. He started a few games due to Brooks' injury, and performed well. Since then he has been getting about 10 minutes a night and is producing. (8 pts, 7 ast, and 1.5 stl per 36)

With Brooks soon to return from injury, and Lowry playing really well, it looks like the Rockets will be short on minutes for Smith. The Rockets don't really have shooters other than Martin and Brooks, so maybe we can swing a deal that works for both sides.

We send them Walker for Smith and some cash to match the salaries. They get a shooter, we get a 5-10 minute a game backup. Everyones happy.