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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Heat- 12/17/10

Evening, ya nancies. Another night, another big, big game that will draw a lot of eyes. I'm back home in Jerz, about to put away some pizza, and ready for another exciting game. A few bullet points in the meantime:

- Our very own Charles Osborn is now on Twitter. Follow him if you're comfortable with the fact that he's 1. a ginger and 2. probably listening to LFO right now.

- I'll be on WCWP at 6:30, probably talking a lot about Knicks-Celtics, Knicks-Heat, and whatever I've eaten recently.

- Here's Peninsula is Mightier, SBN's Heat blog. One thing I'd like to reiterate for tonight and forever is that I encourage you to read and comment on other blogs, but acting in a confrontational manner or disrespecting other sites' rules while abroad can get you banned from P&T. Please represent us with class. Well, class might be too much to ask, but don't be an asshole.

Basketball starts at 7! I'll see y'all then!