Knicks rap?

So I was talkin to some friends and drinkin and we got to freestylin...then I put em on my facebook, and was inspired to write a Knicks-based rap. Judging from these lines, how do you guys feel about me makng a Knicks/P&T theme song?


lyrical assassin, rappin is my passion and i do it in a spectacular fashion, in this game theres no relaxin cause im attackin the top brass till im pilin up platinum, plaques and the source gives my tracks straight fives whether they lighthearded or dark like blacks

shit, e-rap? im bigger than a terabyte, if we rappin bout moms, yours saw the dick she knows she likes. i fucked her and she screamed louder than a c sharp, electronic love she spoke my language and i beat that pussy up wit 8x damage, bring in the video games i killed this shit, mortal kombat fatality, this dude mihir is foolin himself thinkin he can battle me

dan i dropped that e-rap line round two oh nine, it took you eleven minutes to come up wit that rhyme, and it still aint worht a fuckin dime. ima fuck up the beat like a busted speaker, and smoke ya like some new york reefer, in the age of technology ya girl ima tweet her. and tell her to hook up wit me cause im sicker than dan sapozhnikov lyrically, when i fuck that bitch its so holy i get my nut off spiritually.
Ok...actual Knicks lines the hook, let me know what you think...I did this in like 2 min so it could deff use some work


if ya dont kno im talkin bout the knicks,
the squad thats been doin it since 46,
went from converses to nikes for kicks,
now they’ve even got a little rap mix.

lets do this shit alphabetical and get to start,
know nobody is cooler’n the knicks squad,
ill drop a lil bit of history and go to the present,
now all the real fans put ya hands up and represent.