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Tuesday Snow Voles

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Evenin', boogers. I've been saving up links all day to share with y'all. Take the jump to see 'em.



- Brian Cronin's excellent "Unsung Knicks History" series continues with a look at the Pacers' role in allowing the Knicks to acquire Earl Monroe back in the day.

- Knickerblogger also celebrates Micheal Ray Richardson and, one of my personal favorites, Kurt Thomas.

- Speaking of "Earl", this will surely get some of us very excited.

- Over at KnicksNow, a few of the guys discuss their favorite holidays and gifts. Deleted scene: Shawne Williams saying "Chrimbus".

- The Disciples of Clyde are back!

- In the same vein as Charlie's post from yesterday, here's Alan Hahn examining some possible trade partners.

- Chris Broussard lists some as well, if you're into that kind of thing. Eerily familiar.

- Speaking of Hahn, he's on at about the 49th minute of this excellent podcast. (Also check out the extra splendid Evan Dunlap talking Magic earlier on.)

- Hahn also passed along this bit of news regarding Toney Douglas. It's worth keeping in mind that he's been hurting through all these struggles. Doesn't explain everything, though.

- ALSO from Hahn (Forget the voles. I should have just called these the Tuesday Alan Hahns), Timofey Mozgov's festive sneakers.

- Will tackles the recent downturn in this week's Power Rankings.

That'll be all! Enjoy your evenings.