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Trades from the Abyss Volume Two: Philadelphia & Orlando & New York

Merry Christmas everybody! For those P&Ters who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you're enjoying the holiday season all the same. Don't drink too much Kwanzaa Juice!

What I'd like to present to you is another imaginary trade proposal, the second in this ongoing series. This one is not nearly as earth-shattering as the previous proposal, it is simply and subjectively a beneficial trade for all three teams. With any luck, we'll go two-for-two in one of my favorite categories: "Inexplicably inciting bona fide trade rumors" (I know you're reading, Chris!)

Jump for presents!

(Disclaimer, for the second time: I will not think of any trade scenarios for Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Michael Jordan, Pete Maravich or any other superstar. I simply have no interest in it. Having said that, let's chat.)

Knicks Receive

Jason Williams (Final year, about $1.3 million): 35 years old; Point Guard; about 9.00 PER

76ers Receive

Bill Walker (Two years, second is a team option, about $900,000 each): 23 years old; Swingman; about 7.00 PER

Magic Receive

Tony Battie (Final year, about $1.3 million): 34 years old; Center; about 13.00 PER

Look, I know this isn't the most glamorous trade you've ever seen. Really, it might be the least glamorous trade you've ever seen. But the facts remain: New York needs a backup point guard, preferably with an expiring contract, and Williams is that.

The Magic need a backup center with experience, and Battie is that. The Sixers play Battie very infrequently (he's played in a little over half the games the Sixers have played so far this season) and have Marreese Speights to back up starter Spencer Hawes.

The Sixers don't exactly need Bill Walker, but Evan Turner apparently blows and Jodie Meeks is the starting shooting guard. I'm sure a cheap, young wing with potential couldn't hurt.

So, with the framework of the deal in mind, let's break down what each team is essentially trading for.

NY: Walker for Williams

PHI: Battie for Walker

ORL: Williams for Battie

No one loses that trade, everyone gets a little of what they need. The Magic have already been linked to Battie in the wake of their most recent blockbuster trade, so that's not exactly a stretch. The Knicks expressed desire in Williams last year, as well as recently due to his expiring contract. Although he's not having a great year, he is an extra ballhandler to spell Raymond Felton, and with the recent resurgence of Shawne "Don'te Calle Mee Shawn" Williams, Walker is beginning to look dispensable. What would be the harm in taking a shot?

I know it's pretty boring compared to a few days ago, but I really don't see why this trade doesn't happen immediately. The salaries don't line up properly, but every team has a trade exception that they won't use anyway, which makes the deal entirely possible.

What say you all?