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Sunday Musky Rat-Kangaroos


Source: Wiki

Good afternoon, clams. I hope everyone's having a pleasant Sunday and that those of you getting gradually entombed in snow are comfortable and well-fed. For your lazy afternoon enjoyment, here are a few links.

Take the jump, but take your time. The links aren't going anywhere.

- The musky rat-kangaroo is an Oceanic marsupial that's the last extant species in the prehistoric and fun-to-pronounce Hypsiprymnodontinae family. It may be a marsupial, but for my money, it's more rat than kangaroo.

- Amar'e Stoudemire's mom is a pretty interesting lady, and she was in attendance for yesterday's win over the Bulls. Marc Berman caught up with her afterward. (The headline of that article was simply "Stoudemire Gives Mom" overnight. I'm disappointed that I refreshed the page.)

- If you've been reading and hearing endless nonsense about the Knicks' "pick-and-roll" without fully understanding what that is, Alan Hahn has a Christmas gift for you.

- Speaking of Christmas gifts, those of you bombarding me with emails asking for Knicks Women's Cycling Shorts are in luck. I hope each of you got a sexy pair of those in your stocking.

- Here's video of Landry Fields's snipe of a tip-in from yesterday. Here's Landry discussing the play.

- There appears to be a wide chasm between the headline and content of this particular article, but...yeah, Roger Mason Jr. isn't completely thrilled with riding the bench. Sounds like he's being nothing but a gentleman about it. News?

- This guy is totally Darko Milicic's ancestor. He's got the Milicic hair, the Milicic brow and, most importantly, the Milicic gaze of indifference.

- Fun bit from Howard Beck's game story:

It also took a while for the crowd to find its voice. It was so quiet in the first half that a single fan could be heard crowing — as in cock-a-doodle-do — when Gallinari, nicknamed the Rooster, was at the foul line.

"I heard that," Gallinari said with a grin. "I like it. You got to thank that guy and let me meet him."

Dear genius who crowed at a Knicks game: DANILO GALLINARI WANTS TO MEET YOU. PLEASE TAKE HIM UP ON THAT.

That'll be all. Enjoy yourselves. I love you all.