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Monday Dholes


Photo: Kalyanvarma, Wiki

Good afternoon, goofuses and gallants. Another day, another wagon full of links for y'all to click with your greasy little digits.

Jump if you please.

- The Wikipedia page on dholes is, like, frighteningly comprehensive. Also, it's pronounced "doal", not "d-hole", much to my displeasure.

- It's Monday, which means Power Rankings are out. I haven't read most of them, but I have read these two. The idea of the Knicks as a top-ten is...whoa.

- In Part 2 of his "Some Plays Count" series, Mike Kurylo highlights one instance of a chronic problem: Danilo Gallinari's inability to exploit mismatches.

- Good.

- Interesting numbers from ESPN's Jared Zwerling: Most of the Knicks' losses come after one day of rest. So far, they're actually better off in SEGABABAs. (I'm pretty sure that term originated at Pounding the Rock, though I can't locate its exact point of genesis.)

- Via TKB and Gian, this colorful rendering of Patrick Ewing's most legendary image is awesome and would make a Year's gift?

- The Knicks are "Stagecoach".

- Part 1 of SBNNY'S Year in Review includes plenty of the '09-'10 Knicks. I think we're looking forward to part 2.

- According to Howard Beck, the Knicks aren't going to have an easy trip from New York to Miami. They'll get there, though. Headline: SNOW CAN'T STOP THE KNICKS FROM FEELING THE HEAT. You're welcome, NY Post.

- You already know what it is, but I wrote a little more about the Knicks-Bulls game for The Sports Section.

That'll be all, y'all! Enjoy the rest of your Mondays. Drive/walk/toboggan carefully please.