Wanted: 18-12 team seeks 6'10-7'2 young big man to put them over the top

According to this article, the Wizards are having some chemistry issues off the court as well as their on-court struggles.

Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee haven’t functioned too well together on the court as the “frontcourt of the future” in Washington.

Both players have been suspended by the coach, and this looks like a dicey situation for the Wiz given their PR troubles with Arenas' locker room gun rack.

Here's a little trade to ponder:

Wizards reasons for this:

They get cap flexibility with 2 expiring contracts, and a great team motivator who will keep their energy up during this lost season in Turiaf. Williams is a capable player who can take the place of Howard as a backup 2/3.

Our reasons:

I love Turiaf as much as the next guy, but his potential doesn't have much of an upside. McGee is getting 9 points 8 boards and 2.5 blocks a game right now in 27 minutes. This comes to 12 pts, 10.5 rbs, and 3.2 blks per 36 minutes. This is exactly the type of center we need to help Amar'e on D and the boards.

The catch here is that this trade only looks appealing to the Wizards if they want to save their media department and lose the stigma of bad relations between players and knuckleheads on the team by getting rid of Blatche or McGee. If thats true, I think this would be a reasonable offer.