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Timofey Mozgov comments on DNP's

As we've mentioned and linked to before, Timofey Mozgov blogs on a Russian sports site. In his latest post, he comments on his DNP-CD's.

After the Cleveland game where I [got] another DNP – Coach’s decision, I have read – yet another time – that Mozgov is losing the trust of the coach.

I’ll say this: on my part there’s no panic!

First of all, I’ll repeat myself: coach has talked several times about the different rotation schemes. Second, we have talked with him about it, even though briefly. He promised to get me back on the court, and I have no reason not to trust him. Third, I think right now he’s just found the game he was looking for and that got us rolling.

This tempo and playing style have helped us win eight straight games. And, by the way, it also helped to calm down [Amar'e Stoudemire] who got a little disappointed. Did you read anything new about him not being happy? There you go. And morale of the leader is very important!

He touches on a few obvious things like Mike D'Antoni finding a rotation that works - one that just doesn't involve him at the moment - but what we can take away here is that the coach is communicating where everyone stands. That's something that was said to be an issue with D'Antoni in the past, among some veterans anyway. And it's nice to see everyone's on board with keeping Amar'e happy.

(H/T to chernykh for the fully translated post.)