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Wednesday Pileated Gibbons

Photo: PurpleHz, Wiki

Hello, purple pizza eaters. I've got a few links to share before you head home from work/settle in for the evening/drink your five o'clock cup of tomato puree. Take the jump to check out those links.

- I'm hoping y'all know about gibbons, but if you don't, you really must check them out. Watching videos of gibbons is among my favorite earthly past times (those are Lar gibbons, not the Pileated folks).

- Knickerblogger's Top 25 reaches two of the most electrifying players of my youth. Neither of them is is Andrew Lang.

- If Gian's video breakdown of New York's pick-and-roll struggles last night wasn't enough for you, 1. You're a greedy little louse. 2. Here's more excellent analysis from Sebastian Pruiti.

- As the Timberwolves look to make moves, expect them to come knocking for the services of Anthony Randolph. If I was in charge, I'd settle for no less than Luke Ridnour (Sebastian Telfair being less than Luke Ridnour). Then again, if I was in charge, Anthony Randolph would play 40+ minutes a game, sing the national anthem, and tuck me in at night.

- I don't know when voting ends, but I'm proud of how convincingly we wrecked the ballot for New York Sports Story of the Year.

- This is interesting. In anticipation of Thursday's Knicks-Magic contest,'s Josh Cohen notes that the two teams have never met in the playoffs, and wonders how that might have gone.

- The Knicks looked, well...short last night.

I think that'll be all for now. Anybody else seeing these bros tonight?