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Video: Ronny Turiaf is incredulous.

Ronny Turiaf stands for a lot of things. For one, beards. He's totally pro-beards. For two, whale rights. Ronny maintains that whales should have the right to vote. Above all else, though, Ronny stands for fairness. If there has been a misapplication of justice, you'll probably be hearing from Ronny.

Here's Ronny losing his damn mind, via P&T's in-house Herodotus, Gian Casimiro:

If you didn't watch that until the end, then you'll probably want to watch it again. You may have missed Mike Breen acting suuuuuper white.

Update: Check out TBJ's take. Trey + Ronny (/Skeets) in the same video= Pure Fire.