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Kurylo: Danilo Gallinari is, in fact, inconsistent.

I fear that this will devolve into a comment battle, but oh well. Like him or not (and I do), the rap on Danilo Gallinari is that he shows flashes of willful aggression and star-caliber play, but never on a steady basis. Just to make sure we're all on the same page, Mike Kurylo of Knickerblogger got to the bottom of that assertion. Simply put, Gallo's production varies more wildly than that of players with similar average output:

Since Gallinari has the highest standard deviation of points, three pointers made, and game score it means that he has been inconsistent when compared to similar players.

Yup. Click through for Kurylo's specific numbers, as well as the list of players to which Danilo is comparable. Whether that piece of information strikes you as a major character flaw worthy of benching/trade/tar and feathering or merely an obstacle on the 22 year-old's path to stardom, it is fact. On any given night, you don't really know which Gallo you'll get. It's like a box of Cock-olates?