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Hahn: Update on Danilo Gallinari's Arm

Alan Hahn's got the word (sack up and get a subscription) on Danilo Gallinari's sore right forearm, which was hurting so badly that he airballed one free throw and shot the second lefty during Tuesday night's loss to the Kings. Turns out it's an injury we've seen before:

X-rays taken after the game were negative for any structural damage and Gallinari said it is actually a recurring issue from when he experienced pain in the forearm after he fell into the Magic bench during the Dec. 2 loss in Orlando.

It caused him to miss one game -- Dec. 4 versus Atlanta -- and at the time he said part of the issue was a numbness in his fingertips, which obviously affects his shooting.

He said Tuesday night that he felt his forearm getting weaker as the game went on. Then he airballed a free throw late in the third quarter and he began to flex his wrist.

Chronic pain and numbness don't strike me as minor issues, but then again, my M.D. is in funk, not sports medicine. Whatever the case may be, Gallo sounds as if he'll be ready to go for the Three-Point Shootout this weekend. I personally couldn't care less about that, but it bodes well for after the All-Star break. Hopefully, this injury will either fade or get fixed, because the limb in question is a pretty crucial one. On the list of body parts that The Cock needs most, the right arm is a close third behind the balls and the gland on his scalp that secretes hair gel.