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T-Mobile Player of the Week: 2/15/10

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

The Knicks have only played one game since our last edition of the Player of the Week, and it was a stomach-turning meltdown against the Kings. Wilson Chandler actually played very well in the loss, but my religion forbids me from celebrating anything that happened in that game.

Instead, we'll turn to All-Star weekend, where there were Knicks aplenty. While David Lee didn't do all that much in the big game and Danilo Gallinari sort of floundered in the shootout, Nate Robinson cemented his place in trivia history by winning his third dunk contest title. The contest as a whole was, according to pretty much everyone you ask, one of the worst in recent memory, but Nate brought his usual energy and flair and put on a decent show. It was nothing we haven't seen before, but it sure was charming.

Big C's got the video, as always: