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[UPDATED] Updates on the Deadline Buzz

Update on the updates: Oh!

The consensus across the internets seems to be that the Knicks will be doing something before Thursday's deadline. At this point, it's just a matter of details. Alan Hahn recently tweeted the following:

Appears idea situation is to move Hughes in McGrady deal, then ship Harrington to Chicago in Thomas deal.

So, to flesh it out, that scenario would amount to the following:

The Knicks send Larry Hughes, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries, and some cocktail of swapped picks and future selections that may or may not be protected to the Rockets. They send Al Harrington to the Bulls.

In return, the Knicks receive Tracy McGrady, Joey Dorsey, and Brian Cook from the Rockets. They receive Tyrus Thomas and Jerome James (or some other salary ballast).

This all works. I checked. That's right! I know how to use the Trade Machine too, bitches!

Some thoughts:

- Donnie Walsh has bigger balls than you and I. Combined.

- I find the possibility of acquiring Tyrus Thomas very exciting.

- I request that the proposed trade with the Rockets be henceforth referred to as "The Brian Cook Deal".

- If you ax me, the best part of the Brian Cook Deal is not the addition of its dominant namesake. In fact, my favorite part is the addition of cannibalistic man-beast Joey Dorsey. As far as I can tell, Dorsey's contract has a team option this summer. If Dorsey shows us anything, picking up that option might be a nice relatively cheap move to fill in the cracks of a large-scale free agent acquisition (e.g. signing Brian Cook to a max contract). Right?

- The Knicks have a home-and-home with the Bulls that starts tonight. Gian points out that this could get all kinds of awkward.

- Read this.

I'll withhold analysis (and by that I mean "Tracy McGrady is OLD!!11 [fart noises]") until something actually happens, but I welcome all of your thoughts and qualms in the comments. Just remember to check your hate at the door, and also keep in mind that the NBA does not revolve around the Knicks.