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Bulls 118, Knicks 85

Save your theories about the Knicks trying to prove something in the face of rampant trade rumors. Your New York Knicks stepped onto the floor at the United Center, puttered around in circles for an hour or two, and got back on the plane to go home. The Bulls got absolutely everything they wanted. Derrick Rose was guarded by 5 or 6 different Knicks, none of whom could strike a balance between staying in front of him and contesting his mid-range jumpers. Rose finished with 29, the rest of the Bulls cruised, and the game was over in the blink of an eye.

On the flipside, we got to see Chris Richard, who's only gotten more ridiculous-looking since college, get some garbage time minutes for Chicago. If I were a Bulls fan, I'd call him Chris "?uestlove" Richard, but that's just me.

Some community thangs, after the jump...

Thanks to everybody who showed up and stuck around for the game thread. It's nice to have some decent chatter going, even as the Knicks lay another pterodactyl egg on the hardwood. Tonight's game was part of a ticket contest, and those of you who guessed that David Lee would lead the Knicks in scoring were entered into a random drawing for ticket's to the 2/20 game against the Thunder. If your username is on this list, check the email account you list in your profile. Here are the winners:






Anthony bonner’s subpoena

the daily snowman



There should be an email coming your way very soon.

Back to your regularly-scheduled deadline circle-jerk.