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Open Thread: Trade Deadline Wednesday

My head is spinning. The trade deadline isn't for over 24 hours, but the rumors about the Knicks are bubbling up everywhere you look. I'll use this thread to post every new thing I see, and y'all can comment along. If you read a rumor or hear of something going down (or if you actually have sources!) don't hesitate to post a link in the comments or email me at Let's have a look:

It's now 10:40 A.M., and I'm seeing the following:

The Tracy McGrady Front

Here's Ken Berger. As far as I can tell, this deal is at about the same place it was last night. The Rockets are weighing offers from the Bulls and Knicks, and their appraisal of the Knicks' package- Larry Hughes (not Al Harrington), Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries' contract, and some pick stuff- has a lot to do with whether or not the Knicks want to have their picks protected.

The Al Harrington Front

Assuming that Hughes, not Harrington, will be included in the proposed Tracy McGrady deal, Al Harrington's name has come up in a number of rumors. The classic one sends him to Chicago for Tyrus Thomas and filler (likely Jerome James!), but the Bulls currently have other, better suitors for Thomas. (Can we still have Jerome back?)

Harrington's been mentioned in the context of the Bucks' wheeling and dealing as well (that one's via TKB, who are on top of this shit like you wouldn't believe). Odds are Al's going somewhere by tomorrow afternoon.

Update (1:48 P.M.): Frank Isola:

Tracy McGrady is still the Knicks' primary target, but as of Tuesday, team officials were not optimistic that a trade would be completed before Wednesday's 3 p.m. deadline.

"It's less likely than it was on Monday," said a person familiar with the negotiations. "But you never know."


"Donnie is not giving up on Jordan," said one Knicks source. "He told me he's not trading him."

Walsh, who is conservative by nature, is not prepared to leverage the Knicks' future, especially since there is no guarantee that the club will sign an elite free agent such as LeBron James or Dwyane Wade.

The Nate Robinson Front

Nate's been mentioned in what strikes me as a pointless, unappetizing deal with the Celtics, but the most recent news is that the Lakers might also be interested in the lilliputian's services. If Walsh can get those two teams to bid a little, and perhaps milk a draft pick out of one them, then we're talking.

Also, as much as I don't like the Celtics deal, it'd be really funny to see guys like Eddie House and Brian Scalabrine have to toil away with the Knicks while the C's compete for a ring. Yes, I'm that despicable.

Update: (1:53): Hahn:

Knicks will likely secure a draft pick in the Robinson swap with the Celtics. At least that's the goal here. Eddie House likely in the deal.

The question, I guess, is if the Knicks would then trade that pick, or if they would keep it.

Update: (2:12): Hahn:

Nate Robinson trade with #Celtics done, I'm told. Getting details now..... #Knicks #NBA

Other Rumors

(via TKB) Could Sergio Rodriguez be another target?

THIS IS MADNESS! Comment along and keep an eye on the exceedingly useful SBNBA Deadline Stream as the trade winds whirl.