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Breaking: Nate to Celtics?

There haven't been any details yet, but most of the scenarios I've seen so far have the Knicks getting Brian Scalabrine and Eddie House, with (logical) rumors of the Knicks receiving a draft pick as some sort of compensation for giving away the best player in the trade.

I'll post details as they come out, but we wanted to get this up as quick as possible; so sorry if this is a boring, vanilla post. Thoughts, gentlemen and ladies?

Update (3:24): Thanks for talking and checking shit, guys. You make this site run. Alan Hahn seems to be the foremost authority on this trade (as many of you have commented), so if you want up-to-the-second information (which I do), keep peeping his twitter. If anything concrete happens, I'll make sure to update, but until then, consider that your main source.

I'll do my best, but I know you guys are all on the edge of your seats. Make sure if you find anything out on the inter-web, you share it with the rest of us!

Update (4:05): Keep your eyes peeled, guys! This is not definite yet, and there are about a billion trade scenarios out there concerning the Knicks. If you read anything, post it up on here!

Update (this is Seth) (7:01): Good lord, this is nuts. I stepped out for a couple hours to fight a speeding ticket, and while nothing is actually, officially done, here's what's recent:

- A trade sending Darko Milicic('s contract) to the Timberwolves in exchange for Brian Cardinal('s contract) sounds to be near-done. I would presume that Cardinal's contract would be bought out in anticipation of making room for another player. I would also presume that Darko Milicic has no idea that this deal happened, and couldn't care less.

- Nate Robinson, who will be absent once again for tonight's game, will probably be heading to Boston, but we're not sure for who/what quite yet. Alan Hahn's been all over this one, and it sounds like the Knicks are asking for a draft pick in return for Robinson, which makes sense, since it'd be a total wash otherwise.

- The word on Tracy McGrady is that Daryl Morey and Donnie Walsh, both of whom fancy themselves savvy businessmen, are in a bit of a standoff over what odds and ends New York must include to pry away T-Mac. Still uncertain is what combination of Jordan Hill and future picks are needed to even things out, and what level of protection those picks would have. In short, we the people are exactly where we were 24 hours ago.

Update (7:31 (Seth again)): MSG's pre-game show just called the Darko deal "official", and showed that Nate Robinson's locker is totally empty. They displayed a deal exchanging Robinson for Eddie House and J.R. Giddens.

Update (still Seth) (7:44) Hahn:

Source indication that House-Giddens is "one of a bunch of scenarios" involving #Celtics deal for Nate Robinson.

I'm done updating for now. Let's watch the game.

Game thread's coming up. More updates as they come. Incidentally, SBN's got an excellent stream going, where they compile all the trade buzz into one place. It's thorough, but won't give you a headache. Tom Martin and Mike Prada are killing it over there.