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Larry Hughes will not be shaving any time soon.

First of all, why the hell are we still talking about this? I feel a little dirty posting this, but I couldn't resist the opportunity for us all to make jokez and have some laffz. So, if you haven't heard, Larry Hughes feels slighted by Mike D'Antoni's insistence on keeping a short rotation, particularly the part about it not including him. Apparently, Larry equates the severity of this injustice with that of the Writers' Strike or the Protestant Reformation, and intends to protest in style.

Berman reports:

As a simmering Larry Hughes left the visitor's locker room late Sunday night in Minnesota sporting a new beard, he said his facial hair growth was related to his banishment from the rotation.

When will he shave it?

"When I get out of jail," Hughes cracked.

Jail jokes aside, if Hughes is living that sedentary lifestyle until season's end, I think I've got a solid idea of what he'll end up looking like:


Everybody's favorite expiring contract, circa May, 2010.