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Tracy McGrady will start tonight.

Alan Hahn has the news:

Tracy McGrady will be in the starting lineup in his New York Knicks debut on Saturday night against Oklahoma City.

Coach Mike D'Antoni says he doesn't know what the complete lineup will be, but it will include McGrady. The Knicks acquired the seven-time All-Star on Thursday in a three-team deal with Houston and Sacramento.

The departing Jared Jeffries leaves a vacant spot in the rotation. With McGrady starting, will Danilo Gallinari or Wilson Chandler move into the "power forward" position? That's a very undersized, very defensively inept lineup compared to what it was with Jeffries. This should be interesting. If you click that last link, you'll see that Tommy's of the opinion that Sergio Rodriguez should start as well. I see no reason why not, and you really never know. I'm looking forward to tonight. It's always exciting to see new Knicks in their crisp new uniforms, and we'll have a bunch of P&T contest winners in the house for the occasion, which is neat.

Are you in favor of McGrady starting right off the bat? How would you like to see the rest of the rotation managed? Share in the comments.