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7SoM: Webisode 23, Tracy McGrady Debuts

Editor's Note: We've got a new family member. Gian Casimiro's an absolute wizard with the video, and I'm sure plenty of you are familiar with his work. I'm thrilled to have him on board. Here's Gian:

Sup, P&T.

I'm Gian Casimiro and you might know me from the various sites I've posted my 7 Seconds or Mess podcasts in the past or from Twitter where I retweet gems like this.

For those that aren't familiar with my work, I started blogging last season doing video breakdowns of the Knicks and other NBA teams.  Seth and I met on and have been exchanging winks with each other ever since.  (We can't email each other. That actually costs money.)  He's been kind enough to let me contribute to P&T and I'm honored to join such a lively community.

My first vid focus' on the Knicks' offense running through Tracy McGrady and is playable after the jump.

It was an exciting, surprising debut.  I'm smitten with the idea of McGrady in the post being fed by Eddie House.  It'll give him the proper spacing he needs cause House can burn defenses if they want to cheat off him.  Put Gallo in the opposite corner and it's really just a battle of wits.

Obviously this doesn't cover McGrady's ability to get to the basket off a simple high-PnR or the 20-foot jumper that he's been known to rely on a bit too much, but McGrady in the post is where this offense can start.  At  least for now.  All of the other stuff is where he can bail this offense out.

I can't wait to see what D'Antoni comes up with for him.  The offense won't be Chris Duhon going east and west anymore.  It'll be ... something.  And I'll be here to bring it to you going forward.