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P&T&T-Mobile Ticket Contest #5

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

I think this is the fifth one, right? Either way, you know the deal:

1. In the comments of this post, indicate which Knick you expect to lead the team in scoring tonight against the Celtics. You don't have to say how many points or anything like that-- just the Knicks' leading scorer.

2. Comments will close before game time tonight and we'll all watch (and join in the game thread, those of you at home!) the game. Hopefully, the Knicks will follow last night's poop basket with an upset win.

3. I'll take a look at the boxscore after the game and, with a series of intricate calculations, will determine the Knicks' leading scorer.

4. Those users who correctly predicted the leading scorer will be entered into a random drawing (which will be an actual hat) for tickets to the 2/27 home game against the Grizzlies.

5. In the event of a tie between two Knicks, I'll turn to field goal percentage, then assists, to pick a single correct answer.

6. In the event that an unforeseen Knick leads the team in scoring (e.g. Jerome James Bill Walker explodes for 50 off the bench), I'll go with the next best scorer, and so forth.

No, you can't say Nate Robinson. Go get 'em.