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Harvey Araton: "At Home With Walt Frazier"

In many ways, this is the Walt Frazier article we've been waiting for. It's got some choice lines from P&T's patron saint and answers a lot of the "what the hell does Clyde do when he's not calling games?" and "what the hell would Clyde do in a hurricane?" questions we've always had. Round of applause for Araton. I highly recommend reading the whole article, but here's a taste:

Mr. Frazier helps paint the interior of his houses and is obsessed with touching up spots others miss. He chafes at the way his workers clean windows, considering himself a master of the squeegee. Outdoors, Mr. Frazier said, he treats his trees and plants with the same nuanced appreciation he had of his Knicks teammates when he was the playmaker, or catalyst, for their offense.

"I can look at the palms, for instance, and if I see a certain twist, I know they need water," he said, lifting a hose to some of the many trees that bear mangoes, avocados, apples, coconuts and cherries. Mr. Frazier’s lush property is irrigated by something rare on his side of St. Croix, the east side, also known as the dry side: a well. "Around here, they told me it was like striking oil," he said.

Tip of the hat to my mom for this instant classic.