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John Starks on the Knicks-Pacers Rivalry

Editor's Note: I'm putting this back on the front page because we were finally able to embed the audio. Winning Time premieres next Sunday.

Amongst the crusty, savage masses of the Posting and Toasting audience are, believe it or not, some legitimate people who maintain human contact and leave their homes sometimes instead of staying in and building a shrine to Toney Douglas out of cheese. One such person is long-time community member Anthony Mason's Haircut aka Derek Schultz, who is an excellent radio personality on XL 950 in Indianapolis. Despite working in the land of the Pacers and Colts, our man takes every opportunity to indulge his Knicks fandom. Mase/Derek recently had an opportunity to talk with P&T favorite John Starks about the new documentary "Winning Time", which documents the heated Knicks-Pacers rivalry in which Starks played a huge role.

Check it out, and never hesitate to email me with your own efforts and enterprises, particularly if they're Knicks-related or if I can have some cheese.