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P&T&T-Mobile Ticket Contest #4

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

So, I intended to host a ticket contest using last night's Knicks-Cavs game, but totally forgot. I've still got tickets to give away to Tuesday's Knicks-Kings game, though, so listen up:

1. In the comments of this post, indicate which team you expect to win Super Bowl XLIV.

2. Comments will close at 5:30 p.m. tonight and we'll all watch to see who wins the damn thing.

3. I'll take a look at the boxscore after the game and, with a series of intricate calculations, will determine the winner of the Super Bowl.

4. Those users who correctly predicted the winner will be entered into a random drawing (which will be an actual hat) for tickets to the 2/9 home game against the Kings.

That simple. Get your responses in, and check out Stampede Blue and Canal Street Chronicles to hang out with some fans who must be SO anxious right now. Seriously. If and when the Knicks get back to the NBA Finals, I am going to be a mess. I can't imagine what caring about the Super Bowl must feel like.