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T-Mobile Player of the Week: 3/1/10

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

We've seen the Knicks play four times in the past week, with wildly mixed results. There was the blowout loss to Milwaukee, in which no single Knick actually played well. Then we an ugggggly win in Washington sandwiched between two spirited but ill-fated efforts against Boston and Memphis. It might sting for me to say this, but the only consistent bright spot in those last three games was none other than Mr. Albert Harrington. Al's game off the bench was the usual fare: catch-and-shoot threes, fade-away twos, and head-first gallops towards the rim. The difference? Those shots were falling. Harrington went 6-10 on Tuesday, 12-21 on Friday, and 11-18 on Saturday, sinking 14 combined three-pointers along the way.

Did he still make some mistakes? Yes. Did he freeze out some younger teammates who desperately need to get back on track? You bet. Was he oddly effective in doing all that? It's hard to deny.

For all that, Al Harrington is your T-Mobile Player of the Week. (Note: I nearly made it Toney Douglas based on like two plays in the Memphis game, but I anticipate that he's got better weeks to come. DWTDD.)