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Spurs 97, Knicks 87: "Are my eyes deceiving me or did we cut this to 5?"

Rohpuri said it well in the game thread. Tonight's game felt like a blowout most of the way (and sort of was, at points), but the Knicks actually defended pretty well in the second half and managed to hang around until the closing minutes. Once crunchtime came, the Spurs executed, the Knicks behaved like there'd been lead in their Gatorade, and the game ended. Nothing new there.

Take the jump for some game notes and other pearls of inanity...

- Have you seen this Verizon Wireless commercial with the dad who tricks his kids into shoveling the snow by promising to grant them unlimited texting that is, in fact, free with their wireless plan? I don't find that funny. That's poor parenting. Your deceitfulness will not go unpunished. I imagine that the part at the very end where he burns his tongue on his coffee foreshadows some terrible mishap in his future.

- Cock Report: Danilo Gallinari was as cold as those poor snow-shoveling kids in this one. He was demanding the ball and looking for open shots early, but simply couldn't get them to fall. Gallo was able to compensate for poor outside shooting (0-4) slightly by driving to the rim or posting up when he saw mismatches, but it was generally a poor night. I'm happy to see Danilo get 13 attempts nonetheless. Gallo also did what he could against Manu Ginobili, but had quite a bit of trouble staying in front of the sneaky little weasel off the dribble.

- Sergio Rodriguez started, but Toney Douglas ended up eating many of his minutes. This was due in no small part to his diligent defensive effort, especially in the second half. Douglas is given to overzealous defense (riding George Hill 30 feet from the basket, doubling Tim Duncan by head-butting him), but I'll take too much effort over too little any day. Toney did an excellent job staying in front of his man and pestering ballhandlers, and his aggression noticeably carried over to his teammates. Doing what Toney Douglas do is contagious, you see.

- This game featured two of the worst passes I've seen in quite some time. One was a horribly telegraphed crosscourt pass that Danilo Gallinari in the final minute. The real gem, though, was a gaffe by Eddie House that must be seen to be appreciated (Thanks, Gian).

- Weirdly silent game from Bill Walker.

- At one point in the second quarter, a ref was collecting the ball on the baseline to set up an inbounds pass and the Spurs' mascot, which I believe is a giant meth-addled dingo, gestured as if he wanted the ball. The ref laughed at the joke, said something to the mascot, and went about his business. Here's the thing: how do you talk to a mascot? I feel like my instinct would be to talk to it like it's a pet or something. I'd be all like "Nooooo, little fella. I need this basketball to play the game!" and scratch it under the chin, then suddenly remember I was speaking to an adult human being who dresses like an animal for a living. Scary stuff.

- Richard Jefferson's head looks like a peanut to me.

- I'm sure I've said this before, but tonight's game made me remember how much Al Harrington's game reminds me of a toddler. Over the summer, my parents had some friends over who had a daughter who was just learning to walk. When kids are that age, they get up on two feet and pick a destination, then sort of just lower their oversized heads and stumble towards the target area. The only real way to stifle the momentum in that case is to fall down. If you've seen Harrington drive to the basket, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

- You could probably also compare Harrington's game to a first-time snowboarder.

- First it was Quentin Richardson, now it's Eddie House. The New York municipal water supply must have bricks in it.

- I love DeJuan Blair and it terrifies me when he falls down.

- Someone (Gian?) should make a montage of clips of Mike D'Antoni staring blankly at the floor with his arms crossed. The NBA: Where existential angst happens.

- David Lee didn't have a stellar offensive game (8-17, 19 points), but I thought he did a nice job contesting Tim Duncan's awkward shot attempts. Duncan hit some toughies, but shot 8-17 as well.

- Walt Frazier: "Lookie there! Blair".

- ALSO, I don't know if this is a typical occurrence, but Clyde rolled up to the game in a gorgeous vintage-looking Rolls Royce (...I think. If you were watching MSG, maybe you can help me out with that one. I can't tell a Rolls Royce from Royce Clayton.) with a New Jersey (?) plate that read "CLYDE10". Frazier is the world's freshest individual, so it should come as no surprise that he rides in style.

- Mike Breen, commenting on a girl with a poster declaring her wish to marry George Hill: "That young lady wants to marry Mr. Hill!"

- I'm very happy to see Malik Hairston playing basketball again. I always liked him, and he looks a little leaner than he did college.

- My friend pointed out that Greg Popovich pretty much has a mullet at the moment.

And on that note, I bid you goodnight. Remember to brush your teeth.