Wow, This Made My Freakin' Day

If you don't subscribe to Newsday, maybe you ought to think about it, or maybe you can read this without subscribing, I don't know. But here's a good example of why Alan Hahn is worth money and Berman and Isola aint worth God Shammgod's shoelaces.

From the Knicks Fix - Hahn is interviewing Gallo:

"That's what I really want; every game to play defense against the best," he said. "That's what I asked Mike and that's what I'm trying to do." Gallo has recently matched up against LeBron James, Joe Johnson and, on Wednesday, Manu Ginobili. And while he had a strong fourth quarter scoring wise -- eight of his 14 points, including a wild back-to-the-basket, over-his-head flip -- Gallinari was grumbling about Ginobili's 28 points. I told him those minutes in crunch time against a team like the Spurs mean a lot for his development. He didn't want to hear it. "It means a lot, especially means a lot when Ginobili is kicking my ---," he grumbled.

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Why do I love this so much? Because here you have a young Knick, who's driven - driven- to play great defense against the best players in the world. He demonstrates an understanding and a chutzpah that really separates the great scorers from the great defenders. Along with Toney Douglas, that's two guys that get the importance of defense. And Chandler is no slouch on the defensive end himself. Most teams have only one of these kind of defenders on their team. The Knicks have three, they're all under 25, and all three are far from being one-dimensional players. They can all score the ball as well. But the defensive thing gets me excited because I'm a Knick fan and these three guys are Knicks.

It's true that David Lee isn't really one of those D guys, but I think with a couple of defenders setting the tone out there, the rest of the team steps up its D as well. Defensive leadership on the floor is a quality it seems every championship team has. And I think the Knicks have it. They lack some critical pieces, but to me the future looks bright right now.

I don't give a frak about LeBron (though you think he doesn't notice this?).... If you add another great rebounder at the 5 to this squad, I think they'll win more games than they lose. And if you add a great crunchtime scorer, watch out.