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Game Thread: Knicks at Sixers- 3/15/10

Happy ides, you li'l Caesars. The Knicks are in the Illadel (the land where the killas dwell) tonight to take on the short-handed (tanking?) Sixers. Some points of business:

1. Why do games start at 7 in Philadelphia? I think this might be the case in Orlando as well. Throws my whole night off.

2. I couldn't really decide who to choose as the T-Mobile Player of the Week, so I'm delaying it until tomorrow. Tonight marks the tie-breaker between Toney Douglas and Bill Walker.

3. In a recent game thread someone referred to Bill Walker as a "bully" (I think as part of a Beanie Sigel allusion, but I might be mashing up life events), which seems like a splendid nickname to me.

Check out Liberty Ballers, do some crunches, and I'll see you at 7. <3.