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New P&T Threads: "The Rhyming Clyde"


I polled you guys regarding your favorite Walt Frazier rhymes, and I thank those of you who responded, but I eventually decided that abbreviating Clyde's jibing lexicon would be sinful. That in mind, I went ahead and crammed a whole bunch of clyderhymez (new word I invented for this purpose. It's a rare -z plural. Get used to it.) onto the shirt. It's in the spirit of all these classic joints, and I think it reflects a bit of Mr. Frazier's personality in its sheer wordiness and gerundity (another new word for you). The default is black, but it comes in a pallet of effervescent colors. Even girl colors. Hope you like it.

Oh, and I saved/forgot "styling & profiling" because I needed some way to describe the shirt, right?

The shirt is up and available for purchase in the P&T store. Cop one or three if you're so inclined. If you don't, I'll just go ahead and let my little babies starve. It's no biggie, really.

Thanks to my t-shirt wizard-friend Paul for helping out.