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T-Mobile Player of the Week- 3/30/10

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

I postponed this week's T-Mobile player until today because I was hoping a star would emerge last night. Al Harrington certainly deserves credit for finishing a solid week with 26 points and 17 boards in Utah, but I've gotta hand this one to someone else. He's not eligible for "player" of the week at this point, but Walt Frazier is most definitely the person of the week. Clyde turned 65 yesterday, and the outpouring of appreciation from broadcasters, players, and even the opposing mascot were a reminder of just how fantastic this guy is. Clyde's the eccentric but predictable uncle that comes to visit three or four times a week, and we love him for that.

Share your Clyde memories in the comments, and check out the video Mike Prada includes in his Power Rankings post.