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Wilson Chandler Will Have Ankle Surgery: Redux

Frank Isola reported late last night that Wilson Chandler was considering surgery for the second consecutive summer, and it's beginning to sound like Chandler will indeed go under the knife. Mike Slane (who writes for the Knicks website) hath twat:

Wilson Chandler will have left ankle arthroscopy today to clean out scar tissue. Recovery time is 6-8 weeks.

That was fast. Recall that Wil had surgery to remove bone spurs from his left ankle last June. News-wise, it was a similar deal. We heard Chandler might have an operation, and then it happened that same day. Also recall that at times over the past season, we heard mutterings that Chandler's ankle was bothering him. There were questions, particularly early in the season, about whether he'd lost some of his spring and quickness. Until the recent groin injury, though, Wil had improved drastically, and was having a pretty sharp third season. Residual scar tissue might explain some of the early-season gingerliness, though. In any event, the fact that the recurring ankle issue was caught early and will be fixed in April instead of June bodes well for Chandler's rehabilitation and '10-'11 season. Best of luck to Wilson. (And a tip of the hat to semsemma).