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David Lee For Three?

The courtship begins. David Lee and his rather brazen agent, Mark Bartelstein, will get quite a bit of ink in the New York papers over the next few months as the two work on a new contract. Since Donnie Walsh is trying his darndest to be frugal this summer, Lee's potential return to the Knicks has a lot to do with his value on the open market. Lee's wasting no time in boosting that value. From Marc Berman of the Post:

Lee believes the next dimension to his game is adding a 3-point shot. "I like to lengthen out my jump shot to be a 3-point shooter," he said.

"Not saying I'll be [Danilo] Gallinari out there. That won't be the focus of my game, but I hit two shots [Wednesday in Toronto] with my heels on the line. I think I can be a decent 3-point shooter. I think that's the next step."

Threes!? Don't tell me that, David. Not now. This is like that girlfriend who wants to move into your house and marry you and spend the rest of her life with you but you're like "No, I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of commitment yet", and she's like "OK, I'll find a new boyfriend, but by the way, I'm gonna start making delicious grilled cheeses all the time now", and you're like "Grilled cheeses!? I love grilled cheeses! Why the hell did you wait until now to bring up grilled cheeses?" and she's like "Because that's how free agency works. I'm boosting my market value. I'm trying to make like $12-13 million a year" and you're like "$12-13 million a year? For some grilled cheeses!?" and she's like "Yo, this metaphor is falling apart. You should probably end the blog post" and you're like "Yeah, you're right".