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NBA Playoffs: Who's a Knicks Fan to Follow?

At the end of the NBA season, the best eight teams from each conference face off in a little bracketed tournament of 7-game series until one team emerges as the World Champion. It's called the Playoffs, and unless you remember the '90s and beyond (and you know what they say about the '90s: If you remember them, then you weren't really there.), then you've probably never heard of them.

Jokez aside, the playoffs, at least of late, have been a nice time to relax and enjoy some quality basketball without any tears or vomiting. I can't wait to hop on some bandwagons and enjoy other teams' success without getting too invested. It's dirty, but I feel I've earned the right. Even still, with free agency looming and a number of Knicks alumni scattered throughout the league, a couple of teams are of particular interest. Here are a few teams I'll be keeping tabs on as a Knicks fan:

The Atlanta Hawks (SBN Blog: Peachtree Hoops): This one's easy. It'll be the world's first chance to see Jamal Crawford in the playoffs, which is a magical prospect. Crawford's ability to connect from absolutely anywhere against any defense was built for the postseason, and we'll finally get to see him at work on the big stage. Jamal will have a 40-point game in these playoffs. Maybe 50.

Oh, and this guy Joe Johnson might be of interest.

The Boston Celtics (SBN Blog: CelticsBlog): Unlike the Hawks, I'll be rooting for the Celtics to lose in the most humiliating way possible. I'm talking about 50-point deficits, dozens of technical fouls, and team-wide wedgies. The lone exception? Nate Robinson. Nate's like a mini-Crawford in a way. I can't wait to see how his pull-from-anywhere ability translates to playoff ball. If Doc Rivers doesn't let Nate spin? Well, then it'll be that much easier to root against the Celtics.

The Charlotte Bobcats (SBN Blog: Rufus on Fire): Demon coach and Larry Hughes on the same team? It's hard for me to root against a team with Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson, but yikes.

As a side note, keep an eye on Tyrus Thomas.

The Phoenix Suns (SBN Blog: Bright Side of the Sun): Mike D'Antoni's former bros, future free agent Amare Stoudemire, and, of course, the incredible Channing Frye.

The Denver Nuggets (SBN Blog: Denver Stiffs): There is no greater joy than watching Renaldo Balkman celebrate on the bench.

The Cleveland Cavaliers (SBN Blog: Fear the Sword): Darnell Jackson is a free agent this summer. Pay attention.

So, with the Knicks still in the back of your mind, there are a handful of things to keep an eye on throughout the playoffs. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy some tear-free, casual NBA fandom. If you're looking for a team to follow and just can't decide, let SBN's playoff bloggers point you in 16 different directions in the excellent "Adopt a Team" series. Maybe you'll find a team that suits you.