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Might Brad Miller be a Knick target?

This is nothing more than the word of an anonymous league source, so don't fret. Not just yet. Nonetheless, Marc Berman reports that, with Marcus Camby set to ink an extension, the Knicks might shift their focus to Bulls big man/bearded bro Brad Miller.

If Marcus Camby is indeed off the free-agent market, the center-less Knicks may be desperate enough to investigate Bulls 7-foot backup center Brad Miller come July, according to a league source.

Though he just turned 34, Miller still has something left in the tank -- he is a serviceable, decent-shooting big-man that coach Mike D'Antoni could use for his offense. Team president Donnie Walsh craves a center to give the Knicks the sizeable defensive interior presence they lack.

With all due respect, my own opinion is that Miller really wouldn't fit the bill. That said, it is reassuring that Donnie Walsh recognizes the Knicks' need for a serviceable center. It remains to be seen whether Walsh fancies a time-tested veteran like Camby or Miller or a younger free agent with less of a reputation, but perhaps more potential. Osborn has previously delineated the Knicks' options at this position, and there are some verrrry interesting names that, if it were up to me, would render Brad Miller something of a last resort. There's also the draft, and there are plenty of "C"s on the right side of this page with whom we'll be getting intimately familiar over the next few months.

Anyway, it's something to think about. Camby or no Camby, Miller or no Miller, the Knicks need a real center. Is a big name free agent the answer? What about a small name? What about an entirely new guy?