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Could Madison Square Garden See an All-Star Game in the Near Future?

First of all, expect a lot of question marks in headlines for the next few months. It's the offseason. Ain't nothing certain. In this case, we're talking about the possibility of an All-Star game in New York, an honor The Big Apple hasn't seen since 1998. From Teri Thompson of The Daily News:

In a meeting on Thursday with sports editors from around the country at his Fifth Ave. offices, David Stern said he expects a basketball New York City revival for success-starved pro hoops fans.

They may even get an All-Star Game, if Madison Square Garden renovations go as planned, Stern said.

"The Garden has expressed its desire to host a game," he said, pointing to plans to renovate the Garden in time for the 2011-2012 season. Stern said that Orlando, which plans to open its new arena in two years, has already sent in its All-Star application and indicated that the Garden will probably do the same.

Stern also said he believes the Knicks are headed in a good direction, pointing to the team's revamped front office as proof that the team is on the upswing. "Actually, the Knicks have done an exceedingly good job the last two years," he said, referring to general manager Donnie Walsh's cap-space maneuvers and the hiring of Mike D'Antoni as coach. "MSG is a very important venue."

You can get some nice visuals of the future Garden here. I'll always prefer the cozy, beer-drenched catacombs of the current MSG to any giant concourses, but with changing culture comes a fresh look, I suppose. If the renovation brings in an All-Star weekend, then that's all the better. Hopefully, the Knicks will have some All-Stars of their own to trot out. Wocka wocka wocka.