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The Knicks' Summer Vacations

When the Knicks reconvene in September for training camp, they'll each have to write a short essay (two pages, double-spaced) entitled "How I Spent My Summer Vacation". Recent stories and quotations give us a little insight into the content of those future essays. A number of Knicks have revealed their summer plans. I've taken the liberty of guessing some of the rest. Without further ado, how a few of the Knicks will spend their summer vacations:

Danilo Galinari: Not playing with the Italian team, we hope.

Eddy Curry: Looking forward to collecting more paychecks, thank you very much.

David Lee: Getting wined and dined by lots of people in suits.

Tracy McGrady: You know...stuff.

Toney Douglas: Working on "everything". Probably preventing wildfires and scrubbing otters as well.

Bill Walker: Losing some weight, apparently. (Recommendation: The "Grapefruit Diet" Diet, a regimen in which you spend 3 months eating only Weird Al Yankovic CDs. You can drink water, too.)

Chris Duhon: Putting the finishing touches on his off-Broadway one-man adaptation of Antz. Hopefully finding a suitable theater.

Earl Barron: Back to the vicuña farm. Rearin' and shearin'.

Sergio Rodriguez: Two words: Kneeboarding, bitches.

Wilson Chandler: Recovering from ankle surgery the only way he knows how: Skip It!

Jonathan Bender: Courtship, mounting a female and clutching her thorax with his forelegs, copulation, then getting his head bitten off by his mate.

J.R. Giddens: Watching "Captain Planet". No, but really.

We'll miss 'em.